Introducing our new Price Structure

To assist everyone in these new economic time,
RMS will be providing a new pricing structure to help fit everyone's needs and style!

This new pricing reflects some new product lines that are more price consious. Where, if a lifetime warranty and the absolute best products may be a little over board for you, we can offer you more affordable options and still provide you with the excellent installation and service you have come to expect from our shop.



This is the absolute best products and services that is for the more demanding customer, who only the very best will do.

Level two: CLASS 7S

Still very good components, however some of the bells and whistles are elliminated to cut cost where we can and still retain the quality that we are known for. This usually equates to about a 10-20% overall savings.

Level three: CLASS 5

This is the economy level where you will see the most savings. However you will also see components that are still quality but not the best of the best. Warranty is limited, and the use of every bell and whistle is lessend to gain a more bang for your buck end result. These savings can result in a major decrease in overall price.


Once again safety is never compromised in any level just performance and warranty coverage.

As always we dont quote over the phone, simply because in order to see what you are getting we really need to sit and talk to you and go over all the available options. Some understand this some don't. It really surprises us when all people want is a price and dont care what they are getting. Please try to understand all we want, is to make happy customers.


Thanks again from all of us at